ERP platform for utilities

ERP Platform for Utilities

Reinvent your model with our ERP platform technology.

ERP Platform for Utilities

Reinvent your model with our ERP platform technology.

With triPica manage your whole supplier lifecycle centered on the customer.

Check what we can do for your Utilities company

ERP for utilities

Our Key Differentiators


  • Give real-time consumption recommendations to your customers 
  • Adjust monthly payments with usage graphs 
  • Raise bill shock alerts to anticipate any unexpected high consumption
  • Manage everything from an app 

Reduce cost-to-serve 

  • Implement a SaaS solution to get a transparent and all-inclusive license
  • Empower and give autonomy to your customers with our advanced self-care interface
  • Advanced management of rejected flows
  • Fast onboarding on our agent tool 
Reduce costo-to-serve with triPica's ERP platform for utilities

Offer a dynamic invoicing 

  • Dynamic pricing ready, following the European regulation 
  • Real-time data (no batch) 
  • Give control and visibility to your customers 
  • More opportunities for economic and green suppliers


  • Microservice architecture  
  • AWS Auto Scaling Servers 
  • High volume data storage for smart meters  
ERP platform for utilities: advanced dunning process

Get cash-in thanks to our ERP platform

  • Advanced dunning process 
  • Partial payment
  • Client scoring
  • Sub-ledger including country regulation specificities     

triPica is deploying its ERP platform for the European energy supplier market.

We work with several Energy suppliers in France and Germany following the different country’s regulations.

triPica is interconnected to Enedis, GRDF, all German grids and easily integrate with external systems such as suppliers, banks, and more…

Our ERP platform for utilities is flexible to be interconnected to any grid around the world.

    triPica is deploying its ERP platform for the European energy market

    Customer Story

    “Today, enercity is one of the market leaders in the German energy retail business. With the help of triPica, enercity attained the goal to have the most comfortable digital sales capabilities in comparison with the competition.”

    Mandy Schwerendt enercity

    Mandy Schwerendt

    Chief Sales Officer, Enercity

    With triPica, enercity moved from an outdated energy experience to a disruptive digital approach.

    • Fully integrated solution covering a customer-centric digital experience and all aspects of the subscription business.
    • Migration of hundreds of thousands of customers in one shot from SAP ISU to triPica.
    • Easy monetization of new services such as non-commodity: sales of solar panels launched in 2020.

    Discover our ERP platform for Utilities customer-centric microservices architecture

    Define your customer experience in real-time 

    ERP platform for utilities customer-centric microservices architecture

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