Great customer experience delivered
Tools that boost your team efficiency

triPica is a digital BSS platform that enables service providers to offer a revolutionary customer experience and feel like a start-up again.

Core module


An agent-friendly tool is key to boost support team productivity. The triPica Agent Tool offers a 360° view of the customer account, adopting a customer perspective, not a complex system-oriented view. It empowers agents with all necessary key actions to perform on a customer account for swift issue resolution.
Plus it’s fast, damn fast !

Catalog & Billing

Those two work in pair. The triPica single-Catalog is based on the TM forum model and is very, very flexible. The Billing module leverages its power when comes the time to charge. And like everything in triPica, billing also happens in real-time : select a product, pay and receive your invoice, all in a blick of an eye.
Billing is more than an invoice, triPica also offers Accounts Receivables and Dunning, all with complete audit trail.

Business processes

Sure, having best in class modules is great. But none of this would be relevant without powerful Process Management. That’s the role of our BPM engine. Carefully crafted to support all telecom and utility use cases, from Signing up to Moving but also Mobile number portability. It uses simple modelling so adapting a process to fit a specific use case is as easy as a drag & drop.

Analytics and BI

Leveraging data is what will help you differentiate from the competition. triPica makes all its information available in a dedicated Datalake that won’t impact production performance, yet give you a comprehensive view of all events. We provide a set of dataviz and reports that are easily accessible or distributed to the sales, marketing and financial population.
We also offer a Rules-Engine to leverage in real-time these events as they occur to trigger marketing campaigns in real-time offering powerful ways to improve ARPU and satisfaction.

Tools & custom app

triPica has developed a set of tools dedicated to facilitate the work of your marketing and customer support team.
We are experts at delivering custom APPS that will keep your digital first customers satisfied.

Catalog editor
Agent tool + Zendesk
Custom IOS & Android
Gain Insight
Analytic tools

Catalog Editor

No offer is too complex for triPica. Edit prices in minutes with our Catalog Editor tool. Thanks to the Single Catalog concept, your new offer is available in real time, no more synchronisation or duplication required.

Agent tool + Zendesk

To maximize agents and operation staff efficiency, triPica has built a dedicated front-end tool to display and manage customer related information.

Custom IOS & Android APP

Be Mobile first, your customers are!
They download the App, pick an offer and signup immediately*. Scan an ID, take a selfie to authenticate on the spot. For telco operator supporting e-Sim, this means your client can be online in minutes!

Gain Insight
Analytic tools

triPica provides powerful tools to get your data to make sense. Help front line agents understand who your customers are and automate your marketing to keep them engaged and prevent churn.