Digital Wallet for Telcos

November 7, 2022
triPica has implemented a Digital Wallet for Telcos, a feature allowing customers the convenience to pay directly from their account, without needing their credit card.

How does the Telco Wallet feature work?

The Wallet is a core feature of triPica’s solution and an important functionality for the telco users. It represents an easy way for a telco client to credit their account. The Wallet is in fact a virtual wallet with prepaid funds inside. Thus, re-fill it at anytime with certain amount of funds and then exclusively pay by using their Wallet until it is empty.

The Wallet can also be directly credited by the Customer Service Provider's Agents through their back-end support application called triPica Agent tool.  The Agent tool is a platform used to manage clients’ accounts. Giving the ability to the Agent to credit the Wallet, is a very efficient tool to drive customer's satisfaction or recognize customer's loyalty.  CSP Agents use it often to refund the customer when it is due or accommodate for an inconvenience caused.

As the Wallet can be shared among all active lines of a single account, there can be only one Wallet per account.  

Operator's terms of the Wallet's feature

The Wallet is automatically used as long as the amount due is smaller or equal to the available balance inside the wallet. If the price of the product the client wishes to purchase is greater than the funds available inside the Wallet, the credit card will be used as a default payment mean. In case there is enough money on the Wallet, automatic operations such as renewals will also be charged to the Wallet instead of the credit card.

Furthermore, the Wallet does not have a specified end date as long as the client has an active line. Nonetheless the wallet will have an end date assigned if all lines happen to be terminated. Users receive notifications about the wallet forfeiture so that the remaining balance can be used before it is too late. If the credited amount is not used before the specified end date and no new line is activated, it will be permanently lost and deleted.  

Our Wallet feature in action

The Wallet is simple and fast to reload by customers at any time. All that the users need to do is to have a registered credit card on their mobile application and choose the amount they wish to load on their Wallet account.

Digital Wallet for telcos - Simple and fast to reload at any time!

It is also really easy and rapid for telco users to receive credit on their Wallet account from the Customer Service Provider's Agents thanks to the triPica Agent Tool. Crediting the Wallet is a quick and easy operation and the funds become available in the Wallet of the user instantly.

CSP Agents use the Digital Wallet often as a goodwill to refund the customer for an inconvenience caused.

Benefits for users

The Wallet is an intuitive and easy feature to use by both, the telco clients and the CSP Agents and it is really fast to reload. It enables customers to use their credit card once and then proceed with all their purchases, add-ons and upgrades without needing to seek or store the credit card again. Per the end-user feedback, for many telco clients it is more convenient to top up the Wallet once and use it for multiple payments rather than to use the credit card for each purchase.  The Wallet makes the purchases faster which is convenient when the telco client wants to take advantage of a top-up or specific product without delay.  

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