Create a verified account in few minutes with eKYC!

Manon Sarkis
June 14, 2022
triPica has built its eKYC in partnership with Thales Group, a French multinational company that specialized in deep tech, cybersecurity, and many other high technology services. This system allows customers to verify their identity and start using telco operator services in a few minutes.

How does the eKYC feature work?

eKYC is an acronym for electronic Know Your Customer. In other words, it is a procedure that allows you to verify someone’s identity. To do so, the user must take a picture of an identity document as well as a selfie. As of now, the identity document can either be a passport or an ID card which can be edited from any country. After this, the system will be able to analyze the results and determine if the customer is valid or not.

This feature is proposed by default to all triPica’s clients. However, each service provider is free to use it or not, even to customize it, for example by removing the selfie step. If the operator decides to use it, the eKYC step will appear at the end of the subscription, and without a verified identity a customer cannot start using all the features of the app. During the verification process, a customer can be identified as Clear, Edited, Suspicious or Fraudulous, the two first statuses being valid ones while the two others are invalid.

In case a customer is in a Fraudulous or Suspicious state an Agent will need to check their document and potentially block or validate their account. Otherwise, little to no verification is needed. The result will be based on the capability of the system to match your face with your official document

The eKYC can be seen as an improved version of the KYC, more performant, more secure, and more autonomous. It is a digitalized version of the KYC as it can be done remotely and paperless. While an agent will most likely need to check someone’s information with the KYC process, no one will be needed most of the time for the eKYC process. Thus, the eKYC is a gain of time for companies as well as customers, since their subscription form is automatically filled with the scan of the ID, so it allows them to register easily and start using the app as soon as possible.

Operator’s terms of the eKYC feature

The eKYC was built in partnership with Thales. TriPica’s app is in charge of taking the pictures of the identity document and the selfie and sending them to Thales with the individual’s information. After this, Thales is the one analyzing the results and sending a response to triPica’s back end.

Four possible results can be sent to triPica’s back end:
– Clear: Thales was able to validate the individual’s identity and he/she did not make any change when confirming the identified information
– Edited: Thales was able to validate the individual’s identity, but he/she made some changes when checking the identified information. In this case, a notification is sent to the agent, but the user can still complete the subscription.
– Suspicious: Thales was not able to validate the individual’s identity because the face was not recognizable, such as someone taking a picture with a face mask on. In such a case, the customer can retake a picture of their ID card and selfie In this case a notification is sent to the agent, the user can complete his subscription but has limited access to the app.
– Fraudulent: Thales was not able to validate the individual’s identity because the face on the selfie does not match the face on the ID document. In this case, a notification is sent to the agent, the user can complete his subscription but has limited access to the app.

Among these 4 results, there are 2 broader categories: VALID or INVALID. Clear and Edited customers will be identified as VALID while suspicious and fraudulent accounts will be considered INVALID. In case a customer is in an INVALID status all the features of the app will be blocked.

Our eKYC feature in action

The customer will have to choose between 3 options: Activate eSIM, Order sim, or Activate sim. Once this decision has been made, the customer will be able to select a plan as well as a phone number and will have to create an account.

After the account creation, the customer will have to go through the eKYC before proceeding to the payment. This is a 2-steps process.

First, users will have to transmit an identity document, which can be a passport or an ID card.

Step 1 eKYC

After this, the customer will have to take a selfie to verify that the person registering is the owner of the identity document provided earlier.


Identify yourself - eKYC

If the information could be read properly and the identity is validated, the customer lands on a new page where its information is already completed with the possibility to change it in case something is wrong.

ID information check - eKYC

If the ID verification comes out as valid, then the user can add a payment mean, pay, and start using the mobile app.

Card registration - eKYC

On the other hand, if the ID verification comes out as invalid, the user must re-submit the documents before they can start using triPica’s app. To be able to resubmit a document, an agent must look at the previous ones provided beforehand and decide to send a notification (push and email) so that customers can try going through the eKYC again.

Benefits for users

With the eKYC, the user can create an account in no time and anywhere. As long as they have an ID card with them, they can create a new account and start using the app instantly.
The eKYC is a great feature for both the operator and the user. It is a gain of time as it is entirely digitalized, no one is supposed to check the user’s documents in most cases. Thus, the customer can create an account, pay and order a SIM, or activate an eSIM in 5 minutes. The eKYC is also an improved version of the KYC, more efficient and more trustable. The results are accurate and ensure reliable results.

About triPica

triPica is a new generation of SaaS BSS that helps operators become a startup again. Our real-time, micro-services platform, modeled around the TM-Forum API definition is the solution to natively solve the eSIM challenge and help operators leapfrog the competition by embracing the eSIM disruption.

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Manon Sarkis