Enlit’23 Wrap Up: Transformative Technology at Enlit’23 Redefines Utility Retailers' Customer Service Approach

December 7, 2023
Enlit’23 served as a catalyst for the energy industry, bringing together innovators and leaders to explore the latest advancements and trends in the sector.

A pivotal insight from the event, is the profound influence of technology on utility retailers, empowering them to transform conventional utility services, and put the end customer front and center of their business processes.  For triPica, coming from the telco industry which already underwent such transformation, and having been bringing real-time customer experience to both Utility and Telco since 2016, the Utility industry transformation is a music to the ears.

Historically, utility retailers have primarily focused on delivering essential services such as electricity and gas to consumers. Enlit’23 unveiled a paradigm shift, emphasizing the role of technology in transforming these companies into customer-centric entities.  

Expectedly, one of the standout themes at Enlit was the integration of smart technologies that empower utility retailers to engage with customers in unprecedented ways. Smart meters, IoT devices, and advanced analytics enable real-time monitoring of energy consumption, allowing retailers to offer personalised insights to customers. This not only enhances energy efficiency but also fosters a more transparent and collaborative relationship between the utility provider and the consumer.  

The event also showcased how technology is driving the adoption of renewable energy solutions. Utility retailers are now better equipped to integrate solar, wind, and other clean energy sources into their service offerings. This aligns with growing consumer demand for sustainable energy options.

But taking advantage of these smart technologies and renewable energy solutions, cannot be fully possible without a customer-centric IT platform that enables to capture the business opportunities created by these technologies. triPica, a utility business engine, integrates billing, accounting, customer support, marketing and analytics tools for all utility and non-commodity services seamlessly. It is designed to enhance the overall customer experience. Combined with data-driven insights, it enables retailers to analyse consumer behaviour, preferences, and patterns, therefore tailor their offerings, provide targeted recommendations for energy conservation, and even create customized pricing plans. The result is a very personalized and meaningful engagement with the consumers, fostering loyalty and satisfaction.

Since 2016, triPica has been helping utility retailers revamp their business approaches by bringing our expertise from the telecommunications industry into the utility sector. Our innovative meter-to-cash platform has shifted the focus from merely selling utility commodities to actively serving customers. While this is the first year, we've showcased our solution at Enlit, our journey has been marked by a commitment to transformation.

Our experience in the telecommunications sector has taught us valuable lessons about the importance of flexibility, agility, and adaptability in staying relevant amid industry shifts. As the energy transition unfolds in multiple phases, the end-consumer takes the driver's seat, a trend that is here to stay. Consumer needs will evolve, making responsiveness a key factor in remaining relevant. In this dynamic environment, technology should empower, not obstruct. Retailers must break free from rigid, inherited systems and processes, embracing innovation with technology as a limitless enabler.

To conclude, Enlit 2023 highlighted a pivotal moment in the transformation of utility retailers from conventional service providers to customer-centric entities. As technology continues to advance, utility retailers are well-positioned to redefine their role in the energy landscape, placing customers at the core of their business strategies. triPica being built around the Customer journey, is the strategic technology partner that powers the utilities of the future.

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