How to migrate successfully from SAP ISU to the Cloud

Nicolas Gateau
December 12, 2023
Digital transformation projects, most often include data migration from a legacy system to a new IT platform, a crucial project component that often turns into a long journey.

For a business-critical data migration to be successful, besides choosing the right new platform, relying on the appropriate migration methodology and experience are key success factors.

Data migration requires careful planning and consideration of all data dependencies. It can become the risky part of the project, particularly when data models do not match between different technical solutions across different generations, or when historical data is too complex to migrate. Applying the right methodology and being managed by domain experts are key factors for a successful migration from any legacy to a new IT platform.

Preparing the grounds

In the initial phase, it is pivotal to precisely identify the data to be migrated. This demands robust functional knowledge, delving into the intricacies of the existing legacy system, the underpinning business processes, price and product offerings, and the customer landscape. A clear scoping of the migration necessitates ...

From Legacy to Innovation: Mastering SAP ISU Migration to the Cloud

Nicolas Gateau

Head of Solution