Primeo Energie, France's new B2C energy supplier, relies on triPica business engine to launch unique loyalty offer.

November 15, 2023
Primeo Energie, a Swiss energy retailer, entered the French B2C market in July 2023, choosing triPica as a technology partner to launch a very innovative residential electricity offer that rewards customer’s loyalty. To combat rising prices, Primeo Energie committed to its customers with a unique and transparent offer, enabling them to benefit from a rate that is always more advantageous than the regulated selling price.

Building upon its existing B2B presence in the French energy space, its differentiation know-how and its expertise in the Swiss B2C market, Primeo Energie was able to bring a unique loyalty-focused offer delighting its customers to position the offer for long term.  

The successful launch was enabled by triPica, a SaaS utility platform that covers all meter-to-cash processes. Thanks to triPica flexible business engine, able to support complex invoicing rules and pricing models, Primeo Energie can rely on a very lean organisation and business model.  As a result, Primeo Energie was able to launch a unique-on-the-market, loyalty offer and a fully automated customer journey.

This is a third client in France that is adopting triPica Billing and Customer Information System to innovate and differentiate on the utility market space. These disruptive utility companies have stepped away from the traditional way of providing commodity services to consumers and instead, have put their customers at the front and center of their business operations.

"Our ambition at Primeo Energie is to become a major B2C electricity retailer in France. To achieve this, we require a top-notch billing and CRM platform. In a crowded market, we must offer innovative solutions, be highly responsive to seize market opportunities, and minimize service costs due to margin pressures faced in France. triPica is a solution that meets these criteria. Unlike most solutions on the market, they adapt to your specific requirements instead of imposing a standard operating model. In triPica, we found a partner that consistently finds solutions."  

Antoine d’Ornellas
Retail Market Director, Primeo Energie France

About Primeo Energie Group

Primeo Energie is a historical energy player established in Switzerland since 1897, active in the distribution, supply, and production of renewable energy throughout Europe. In 1906, the company began its operations in France as a Local Distribution Company in Saint-Louis, where it distributed electricity to twelve municipalities in Alsace. Since 2010, Primeo Energie has been supplying electricity across the entire French territory. With technical and commercial expertise in delivering more than 50 TWh of electricity, the group serves large enterprises, municipalities, small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs), and professionals to best meet their needs. Primeo Energie relies on the group's renewable production capacity to offer a diversified range of services and meet the criteria of each of its customers at the best price.

About triPica

triPica is telecom and utility service providers’ innovation partner. Founded in Paris in 2016 by industry veterans, we provide efficient, and transformative cloud-native SaaS solutions, grounded in our unique “No Bullshit” philosophy. Our software is designed to empower businesses to navigate industry shifts. As the telecom industry embraces eSIM and the energy sector moves towards renewable and smarter energy, we stand ready to help you adapt and reinvent your business model. Although our journey began in Paris, our vision is global.

triPica for Utilities

Revolutionizing the Utilities Industry with innovative, lean “meter-to-cash” solutions, triPica empowers traditional suppliers and disruptive newcomers to offer creative propositions and handle emerging business models.  triPica business engine for utilities enables retailers to launch the most innovative offer on the market and put their customers at the heart of it.


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