The Fast Mode: triPica demos with Bouygues Telecom & Thales

October 3, 2022
In conjunction with the recently concluded Digital Transformation World 2022, Ariana Lynn, Senior Editor at The Fast Mode spoke to Mathieu Horn, CEO of triPica on the company's participation at the event and some of their key showcases.

Ariana: Which summit did triPica participate in?

Mathieu: triPica joined TMForum’s Digital Transformation World event and for the first time, triPica hosted an exhibition booth at this leading telecom software conference. I took part in a panel discussion where I shared the stage with Romain Dutot, head of IT Innovation at Bouygues Telecom on the topic of "Finding the balance between environmental sustainability and digital growth". It was great to be able to share this exciting event with one of our clients.

Ariana: What were some of the key announcements from triPica at the event?

Mathieu: We enable telco service providers to launch their digital telco offer in 4 months, and with this offer, their customer can be online and onboard withing 4 minutes. No compromise and we walk our talk. We proved this by running a live demo of our award-winning solution at our booth, so that CSPs could see and test for themselves.

Ariana: What were triPica's major showcases?

Mathieu: We hosted a live demo of the triPica platform throughout the exhibition. CSPs could discuss their own business scenarios with us and see how our solution can meet their needs. We also had our customer, Bouygues Telecom, on the booth with us and our partner Thales. We belive a customer willing to speak about the value of our solution, is a most impactful "showcase".

Ariana: How does it feel to be back physically at DTW 2022? What’s your Copenhagen experience?

Mathieu: We were looking forward to participating in this year’s Digital Transformation World. At triPica we value the learning, the relationships, and the creative dialogue that the TM Forum encourages, and truly enjoy being with our customers and partners. We like to create a positive vibe that radiates around our booth.

triPica is already recognised by the TMForum, being a recepient of the TM Forum Disruptive Innovation Award in 2018 for using the TM Forum Open APIs and the Open API Data Model. Applying this model enabled the Malaysian telco Celcom, from the Axiata Group, to launch Yoodo, a greenfield digital operator in only 6 months! And now in 2022 triPica returns strongly, being named as a nominee at the TM Forum’s 15th Annual Excellence Awards in the Sustainability category thanks to our project Source Mobile in collaboration with Thales. Source is the first French digital telco brand that encourages digital sobriety, a solution by Bouygues Telecom empowered by triPica. Our team is very happy to showcase our innovative SaaS BSS platform, demonstrating real projects on how we have turned our customer’s disruptive ideas into solutions, quickly!

This interview was originally published at The Fast Mode.