triPica expands its functional coverage to include water services, becoming the multi-country all-in-one utility solution platform

February 12, 2024
In just half a year, enercity has transitioned its water operations from SAP to triPica, marking the complete shift of its entire energy and utility operations to a robust, future-ready SaaS platform.

We are happy to announce that in the recently triPica expanded its monetisation and CRM platform to cover water and wastewater services besides already offering energy and non-commodity products and services.  As a result, triPica enabled enercity, Germany's premier energy and utility services provider, to seamlessly perform the final transition from SAP ISU, by migrating over 172,000 contracts, including 61,000 for water. Achieving a significant milestone, enercity has now consolidated all its energy, water, and wastewater services onto a single, build for the future, triPica billing and CRM platform. This transformative move not only revolutionises enercity’s customer service but also streamlines operations, placing an unwavering focus on customer-centricity as a core pillar of enercity forward-thinking strategy.

Once again, triPica was able to take advantage of the flexibility of its software, which adapts perfectly to a variety of products, while retaining its simplicity. The seamless migration was successfully completed in only 6 months enabling enercity to offer its customer a completely new digital experience, that is already a norm for many industries:  

Unified services: enercity can now manage all their services: energy, water, and wastewater under a single customer account, ensuring simplicity.  

Innovative payment management: A new system for prioritising payments by service and prorating partial payments has been introduced, offering a greater customer convenience.  

Behaviour-based bonuses: enercity customers are rewarded for energy-saving trends and behaviours, ensuring their satisfaction and loyalty.  

Simplified invoicing: An innovative billing approach combines various types of services with varying tariffs, all in a single bill for the customer, improving billing accuracy and clarity.  

“Migrations are inherently complex, yet triPica's vast experience in transitioning utility clients from various legacy systems, including SAP, Powercloud, Umax and others, has been pivotal. Our expertise and our flexible platform enabled the swift six-month migration of enercity’s water operations. A heartfelt thanks to the triPica project team and our strategic partner for our operations in Germany, LYNQTECH. Most importantly, our gratitude extends to enercity for trusting us to transition their customer base and commercial operations from SAP to triPica!"

Mathieu Horn
CEO at triPica

About enercity

Enercity is one of Germany's largest energy service providers supplying around one million people with electricity, heating, natural gas, and drinking water. With sustainable products and intelligent energy-related services, enercity supports customers on their journey to climate neutrality and helps them achieve more.  

About triPica

triPica is telecom and utility service providers’ innovation partner. Founded in Paris in 2016 by industry veterans, we provide efficient, and transformative cloud-native SaaS solutions, grounded in our unique “No Bullshit” philosophy.  

Our software is designed to empower businesses to navigate industry shifts. As the telecom industry embraces eSIM and the energy sector moves towards renewable and smarter energy, we stand ready to help you adapt and reinvent your business model. Although our journey began in Paris, our vision is global. 

triPica for Utilities

Revolutionising the Utilities Industry with innovative, lean “meter-to-cash” solutions, triPica empowers traditional suppliers and disruptive newcomers to offer creative propositions and handle emerging business models.  triPica business engine for utilities enables retailers to launch the most innovative offer on the market and put their customers at the heart of it. 

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