DTW2023 Ignite - triPica echo continues

Sanja Decla
September 27, 2023
triPica's recent appearance at the DTW2023 - Ignite exhibition in Copenhagen was as nothing short of remarkable and truly enjoyable to meet again with our customers, partners and friends we've made in the telco industry.

The event served as the perfect stage to showcase again our innovative and flexible solution, not shying away from showing live demos, share real customer stories, challenge the old ways, dare to think differently. Our CEO, Mathieu Horn engaged in a thought-provoking panel discussion on "Developing a blueprint for future-proof operating model".

triPica had the vision of completely changing the telco experience for the end customer when we started out and now, we are seeing it materialise and our customers see it too.

Perhaps the most telling sign that we are on the right path, is the overwhelming curiosity sparked among both current and potential customers. This curiosity is well-founded, as our digital BSS solution has proven itself to be truly innovative and agile. The impressive 100% renewal rate among our customers speaks volumes about the satisfaction and trust they garner when working with triPica.

Notably, triPica is continuously pushing boundaries, with new features, which we were happy to show at the DTW, focused on customer loyalty, injecting AI in the customer journey, and breaking further our time-to market records. This level of dedication to improvement is a testament to our commitment to staying at the forefront of the industry.

In triPica, as always, we like to add a touch of warmth to the exhibition, by engaging in discussions about market trends and sharing knowledge generously.
And, of course, we wrapped up these interactions with a celebratory toast of champagne.

After being triple awarded at the MVNO World Congress in Amsterdam, nominated, again, at the TMForum’s 16th Annual Excellence Awards, triPica reaffirms itself as the go-to solution for innovative, fast, and future-ready digital BSS and telco-in-an-app on the market.

The future looks exceptionally bright for triPica customers, and events such as DTW Ignite inspire us to continue to put our passion into our work every day.  

We are looking forward to continue the conversations we started in Copenhagen.

Sanja Decla