Prevent customer churn with a telco loyalty program!

Amine Naak
August 1, 2022
In triPica, we think that customization and online subscription are the main concerns to offer the best customer experience possible. And with this in mind to optimize the experience, we are offering our clients a new customizable feature, the Telco Loyalty feature, to reward their users for their loyalty and create a long-term bond!

How our Telco Loyalty Feature works

This feature allows users to obtain benefits in their life cycle through their different purchases and their seniority on their operator’s app. For each purchase, renewal, or different actions performed by the user, loyalty points will be credited, which can be used to purchase options or services that meet their needs.

Users can earn loyalty points for each purchase (excluding SIM card purchase) such as the subscription to a new package (activation, renewal, change of package), IDD, Roaming, boosters.
In short, points can be awarded for all products in the catalog!

The number of loyalty points that can be awarded per amount spent or product purchased is fully configurable. For example, we can configure that for every $1 spent, 1 loyalty point is earned by the customer, or that for the acquisition of a Data booster, the user gets 7 points.

In addition, the points acquired by the user accumulate over time and feed into a scale that they can monitor. They can decide to use them in whole or in part to obtain products at once (boosters, IDD, roaming…). However, users must have enough points to acquire the various products offered to them by their operator.  .. at least for the moment.

Operator’s terms of the telco Loyalty feature

On the telco operator’s side, the configuration of the gain (EARN) and the expenditure (BURN) of the points can be done for each product in the catalog. The creation of counters is dynamic according to the configuration of the catalog, each counter is independent of the others and can have its own rules, and it is possible to assign a different number of loyalty points according to the products.

In addition, each operation can have a validity period with no default expiration date or assign a maximum lifetime period to the points awarded.

We offer the possibility of configuring the gain (EARN) of points through the following BPM processes:

  • Activation process
  • Reloading process
  • Change plan
  • Change resource
  • Renewal process

Our Loyalty feature for telcos in action

When users make use of their points to acquire one or more products available by their operator, the latter can send them a summary, in particular a notification sent by email.

This may contain, for example, the invoice for a booster purchased by the user when spending their loyalty points.

The balance of loyalty points will be updated after they have been used and can be reflected on the invoice. Notifications can also be sent by SMS or push-in app.

triPica's Loyalty app

Within the operator’s customer service teams, agents will be able to follow for each user the different meters, their current value, the history, and the validity of the points earned and spent for each meter.

You can see this feature in action in the application of our client Yoodo, the most appreciated operator proposition in the Malaysian market that decided to change the rules of the game in the mobile space by giving the power back to its customer

Benefits for users

It is sometimes possible that some users have multiple lines for the same account. Thus, it will be possible for the operator to propose one or more “counter (s)” of points at the level of the account or the level of the line.

Users by earning points based on their purchases or can spend them to buy specific products made available by the operator. They will be able to keep track of the number of points and see what they have earned or spent over time.

Loyalty feature

Providing a more pleasant customer experience should be a priority for operators. Customizing loyalty programs to suit customers will give instant gratification and encourage more and more customers to participate, which helps customers to have a longer life cycle and consequently has a direct impact on reducing churn.

Another great advantage is that these customers are likely to recommend to many others and this will eventually help customer acquisition as well.

Do you want to deliver the best customer experience and give your customers the freedom to make changes to their subscriptions at any time? triPica has developed a set of tools dedicated to facilitating the work of your marketing and customer support team.

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Amine Naak