How triPica helped Celcom to launch a new digital operator in record times

Yoodo Celcom

Malaysia is a challenging Mobile market largely dominated by Prepaid and intensive price competition. Celcom was keen on fast tracking their digital transformation to address the youth segment with a breakthrough proposition.

We started our BSS/Yoodo project from scratch with triPica and together we managed to bring the platform up and running within a short time.
digital footprint together. 
triPica’s in-depth experience and knowledge has helped us to deliver our business needs and achieve the required KPIs.
We consistently managed to achieve above 99.95% system availability and there was no major incident related to the cloud instance so far.
As a result, with the help of triPica our NPS score is among the highest in Malaysia.

Mahzan Mahfuz / CTO at Yoodo

The Challenge
Yoodo has been setup as a lean startup with its own offices, budget and decision-making process with the ambition to change the rule of the game in the mobile space by giving the power back to the customer.

  • First Telco-in-an-app concept
  • First fully customizable plan
  • Continuous innovation launching E-SIM in 6 weeks, a member Referral program, or Powerboosters, unlimited data for just 1 hour

The Methodology
The platform, deployed on AWS (Amazon Web Service)  in Singapore, was live in less than 6 months with the full scale commercial launch happened in January 2018

Relying on the award winning triPica BSS stack to run everything from the customer experience thanks to the triPica app, the customer catalog and of course, billing, payments and all business processes.

The Outcome
Yoodo has proven that a fully-digital telco-in-an-app, with a different business model and cost structure, can be successful and ready to scale.
NPS reaches above 50. It is the most appreciated proposition on the Malaysian market and is a commercial success on its target audience whereas some competing offers from leading have not found their market.


  The Real Digital Telco in Malaysia – Great app, easy to navigate good UI/UX. Kudos Yoodo team…  
Reviewed on App Store by Awangkuezlyman

Wizzee telco Digital Operator

Discover what we did for Digicel in the French West Indies

triPica has also launched another digital operator called Wizzee in the French West Indies for the Caribbean group Digicel. Thanks to the expertise acquired from their first experience with Celcom, triPica managed to launch Wizzee within 4 months working fully remote with the Digicel team.