Reward your customers & their friends with a telco referral program

Manon Sarkis
August 1, 2022
Member Get Member, also known as MGM is a telco referral program that triPica implemented in its mobile applications allowing operators to reward their customers.

How does the MGM telco referral program work?

The Member Get Member feature is a telco referral program that allows customers to invite others to join triPica’s mobile applications and receive a reward. In such cases, both the Godfather and the Godchild will receive a benefit that can either be gifted data or credit to the wallet.

Each customer owns a unique ID they can share with their acquaintances. To invite someone, the ID can be found in the section “Invite friends” of triPica’s mobile applications and shared through a message. A link is sent in the same message and it redirects the Godchild to the order sim process with an auto-completed referral code.

A Godfather can share their link with as many people as wishes and benefit from the bonus as many times as wanted. However, a Godchild can benefit from the MGM’s bonus only once, within the account. A godfather cannot use the bonus on his own account.

Operator’s terms of the telco referral program

Everyone can benefit from the “Member Get Member”, as long as the following conditions are respected:

– The Godchild can be sponsored for the first registered line only: an error message will appear in case it is not the first line and/or if a referral code has already been used.

– Users cannot sponsor themselves and benefit from the bonuses on a second line: thus, the MGM process will work only if these requirements are fulfilled. triPica and the operator have the possibility to make these checks thanks to the ID used during the referral.

– Credit the two accounts with the right bonus: an external ID linked to one account brings the possibility to check who owns this ID and who uses it.

Our MGM feature in action

As mentioned above, the Godfather will be able to share their ID with whoever they want through the section “Invite friends”. The section will only appear in the menu if the user has at least one active line on their account.

Before versus after the activation of a line on the application Wizzee

Comparing the “Before” and  “After” screens of a line activation on the Wizzee application

The “Invite friends” page displays the referral code the Godchild must use and a button “Invite” to share the code.

Once the code has been shared it will be up to the Godchild to order his sim card. If the Godchild clicks on the link that was provided by the Godfather he will be redirected to the involved application as shown below.

Reward thanks to a referral code

If the Godchild completes the process by clicking on the URL, the referral code will be automatically completed. Otherwise, the user will have to type it manually by clicking on the button “Have a Promo Code?”.

Reward your customers - Enter your promo code screen

The code must be entered right before the payment of the order, and the benefit will be given once the Godchild has activated its first sim card. The benefit is given at the same time to the Godchild and the godfather. If the bonus given is data credit, it will be valid until the renewal of the line. The bonus can also appear as a wallet credit, making it valid until the termination of all the existing lines on this account.

Benefits for users

A Godchild will get a 5€ reward when they sign up and activate their first SIM card through the Godfather link or by entering the referral code. A sender also gets a 5€ reward for each!

A Godfather is notified every time a referred friend subscribes, activates their sim, and makes their payment. A customer will receive a mail notification that he gets a reward on his wallet.

A Goodchild also receives a Referee bonus Email confirmation to inform that 5€ has been credited on his or her wallet.

Godchild reward message


Godfather reward notification

Godson & Godfather notification by e-mail

To see the referral bonuses that were applied to customers’ subscriptions, the customer can go to the Dashboard display and check that the MGM bonus (5€) has been added to the wallet.

Reward added to the wallet

If a person forgets to enter the referral code when subscribing, they’re unfortunately out of luck. A member can only be referred once when they subscribe to their first subscription. For example, if a person subscribes to the mobile service without using a referral code, he or she won’t be able to use one when he or she adds another mobile plan or subscribes.

In a nutshell

A Member Get Member feature is a great way to show existing customers you appreciate them and to attract new ones. The main benefit of this functionality is that it allows both customers (the Godfather and the Godchild) to receive free bonuses for their subscriptions, therefore feeling appreciated. On top of that, the referral is easy and fast, permitting users to receive their benefit very quickly, while using this feature in a way that works for them, whether that’s via social media, email, text, or even in-person.

In addition, MGM enables to increase company’s user base by using the power of advocacy of the current client base as an acquisition tool to sponsor new customers.

This Feature of member get member should help the operators to achieve two goals:

  1. Retain existing members and keep them engaged: it encourages to participate actively, giving feedback, and then bringing in new members.
  2. Attract new members: the benefit is an incentive for more customers to join.

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