triPica and Primeo Energie explore Italian market entry with innovative energy offer

December 20, 2023
PARIS, January 9th, 2024 – After receiving positive response from customers in France for the innovative energy offer launched, triPica, the utility billing and CRM solutions provider, and Primeo Energie, the smart Swiss energy retailer, want to expand their collaboration to the Italian market.

Energy utility business, particularly in liberalised energy markets, demands a unique blend of business acumen and IT agility. While the surge in renewables, self-consumption, and smart metering has transformed the energy market landscape, Primeo Energie has been pioneering innovative business model riding the wave of market opportunities created.

The collaboration with triPica in France since 2022, enabled Primeo Energie to turn its vision into an innovative energy offer delivered through customer-centric business processes.  Primeo Energie France and triPica jointly developed a state-of-the-art, agile solution covering the full meter to cash processes, tailored for the French market's complexities and regulations. Building on this success, the dynamic duo is now set to transfer their joint experience to Italy and examine the performance of their solution in pilot projects.

triPica, known for its agile and transformative cloud-native SaaS solutions, will play a pivotal role in adapting its platform to the Italian energy market, focusing on crucial elements such as communication with the grids, invoicing models inclusive of taxes, and compliance with local legal requirements.

"The expansion into Italy marks a significant milestone for triPica. We believe our collaborative approach, combining business expertise and technological agility, will set new benchmarks in the Italian energy market. For triPica, it will further solidify our position as technology leader in the utility service providers' space and increase our international presence"

Mathieu Horn
CEO at triPica

About Primeo Energie Group

Primeo Energie is a modern energy company that was established in Switzerland in 1897 and is today active in the distribution, supply, and production of renewable energy throughout Europe. In 1906, the company began its operations in France as a Local Distribution Company in Saint-Louis, where it distributed electricity to twelve municipalities in Alsace. Since 2010, Primeo Energie has been supplying electricity across the entire French territory. With technical and commercial expertise in delivering around 15 TWh of electricity, the group serves large enterprises, municipalities, small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs), and private households to best meet their needs. Primeo Energie relies on the group's renewable production capacity to offer a diversified range of services and meet the criteria of each of its customers at the best price.

About triPica

triPica is telecom and utility service providers’ innovation partner. Founded in Paris in2016 by industry veterans, we provide efficient, and transformative cloud-native SaaS solutions, grounded in our unique “No Bullshit” philosophy. Our software is designed to empower businesses to navigate industry shifts. As the telecom industry embraces eSIM and the energy sector moves towards renewable and smarter energy, we stand ready to help you adapt and reinvent your business model. Although our journey began in Paris, our vision is global.

triPica for Utilities

Revolutionizing the Utilities Industry with innovative, lean “meter-to-cash” solutions, triPica empowers traditional suppliers and disruptive newcomers to offer creative propositions and handle emerging business models. triPica business engine for utilities enables retailers to launch the most innovative offer on the market and put their customers at the heart of it.


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