triPica turned heads at the Digital Transformation World event in Copenhagen

September 29, 2022
triPica participated for the first time as exhibitor at the Digital Transformation World congress in Copenhagen organized by the TM Forum and it turned heads!

We were impressed by the number of visitors and the great interest in our unique digital BSS solution for disruptive telcos.

The telco market is changing fast, and disruptive solutions are more than welcome.  Our offer matches fully the need for disruption and our message was heard:  triPica enables disruptive telcos to launch a digital offer in only 4 months and to have their customer onboard and online within 4 minutes.

Since the proof is in the pudding, we showed live demo of our solution at our booth and more than expected number of CSPs and business came to see it. And they loved it!  They particularly appreciated hearing success stories directly from our customer, Bouygues Telecom, who was on the booth with us, along with our partner Thales. Having them with us at the booth, testifies of the fruitful and committed relationships that triPica is dedicated to and enjoys.

triPica also participated together with our Customer, Bouygues Telecom at a panel discussion during the Growth Summit sharing their experience of taking the path toward a Net Zero telco DNA.  Bouygues Telecom presented Source, the eco-friendly digital telco proposition, and a breakthrough “telco in an app”.  Source is evidence of the great result that can be achieved when an innovative vision is turned into disruptive solution through the right platform.

Each of our busy days were wrapped-up with some more enjoyable conversations with our booth visitors over Champagne. Our booth was the last to shut during the event and we truly enjoyed the positive vibe and all the inspiring conversations we shared.

We look forward to continuing to enable CSPs turn their visions into profitable solutions and to successful cooperation with our partners.  We are enthusiastic as we proceed with our journey of providing innovative and disruptive solution for the telco market.

Relieve the best moments from the event, check out our event gallery.  

Sanja Decla

CMO at triPica