Yoodo, Malaysia's first fully customizable and 100% digital telco with eSIM

July 18, 2023
Celcomdigi disrupted the local market, expanded reach, and solved Customer onboarding woes in Malaysia by delivering a digital telco-in-an-app in < 6 months!

Malaysia is a challenging market, being a vast rainforest-covered country dependant on an ineffective postal system. It is also a cash-heavy culture with low adoption of online card-payments, and strict identification regulations requiring physical identification.

Yoodo's objective was to pre-empt the digital telco space, recognising early the rising wave of the digitally savvy customers. Differentiating with an innovative customer-centric offer was the way.

triPica was the right solution match: thanks to its agile platform that integrate with eSIM in just 8 weeks and the start-up like project approach. With triPica, Yoodo was able to launch the first digital-telco in Malaysia in only five months, surpassing still eSIM-hesitating competitors, bringing the norm of a customer onboarding from 1.5 days to less than 2 minutes.

Watch the video and find out how they did it:

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