Introducing triPica's Digital Telco solution in 2 minutes

Jeremie Horn
August 1, 2022
Let’s say that you are a service provider. You might worry that your service become old school because it means that you will not be able to match your fast-rising customers’ expectations regarding the user experience.

triPica is the only real-time platform that allows you to launch in four months a digital telco operator that your users will love.

We can launch a greenfield project like we did with the Malaysian telco operator Celcom and its new brand Yoodo which is 100% digital. Let’s have a look to their application: you can easily activate your sim-card, select your plan (data, voice, messages) and choose your phone number.

We realize the same project for Digicel in the French West Indies with the Launch of Wizzee.Once again, customization and online subscription are the main concerns here in order to offer the best customer experience possible.

In each case, our tools will help you deliver the best customers experience to your users while facilitating your Marketing and IT teams operations. What’s behind: triPica relies on best-in-class technologies:

  • A React Native mobile application
  • A centric Microservices architecture
  • Finally we follow the TM Forum Data model which happened to be very flexible and future-proof

But if you want to know more about triPica you can book a personalized demo right away


Jeremie Horn

Marketing B2B at triPica