Unleash the power of eSIM to launch your digital-first telco

Karla Tecanhuey
August 1, 2022
triPica and Thales had participated during the TM Forum’s Digital Transformation World Series (DTWS21), a global event for telco leaders who want to solve the problems of digital transformation.

Last month, triPica participated together with their partner Thales at the TM Forum’s DTWS21, an event where over four weeks 130+ speakers from around the globe explored how collaboration can inspire change and help solve some of the industry’s greatest challenges.

The CEO of triPica Mathieu Horn had the opportunity to chat along with Nicolas Chalvin, Vice President Marketing Connectivity, and Embedded Services at Thales, and Aaron Boasman-Patel, Vice President, AI, Customer Experience, & Data at TM Forum, in a conversation on “Unleashing the power of eSIM to launch your digital-first brand”.

Here are some key ideas of their conversation:

eSIM revolutionizes the customer experience providing users instantaneous connectivity.

– The combination of Thales’ eKYC technology and triPica’s expertise on Digital BSS and advanced eSIM, helps telecom companies to move to a fully digital transformation with a digital-first telco fast!

– The main improvements and benefits brought to the customer acquisition process is a global digital experience: enrollment, identification, and distribution of the service all in one app.

– Traditional operators are working hard on their digital transformation doing a lot of progress, however, their results are limited by their existing infrastructure…it is necessary to change the core of their business process!

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Karla Tecanhuey

Marketing at triPica