Digicel Wizzee


Digicel, a long-time preferred local brand in the French West Indies, a diverse territory including French Guyana, Guadeloupe, and Martinique, faced market disruption with the arrival of a fourth player.

triPica provides us with a turnkey digital BSS platform. The key benefit for us was obviously the speed of implementation but triPica showed strong capabilities in going even faster, with great flexibility to take into account some key customizations needed.

Sébastien Aubé – Chief Operating Officer

The vision of Digicel

  • Stay ahead of the game by launching their own disruptive digital brand.
  • Fast time to market to beat the competition.
  • Ensure lean and cost-effective business operations.

triPica’s mission

  • Invent a new model in a market dominated by traditional physical distribution
  • Integrate with multiple external systems while providing a seamless end-user journey
  • Reduce the Cost to Serve.

The outcome

  • New 100% digital brand launched in less than 5 months.
  • Customer base grew at twice the rate of the most optimistic prediction.
  • triPica mobile in an app solution created a norm for the telco experience in the region.