Digicel Wizzee

Digicel has been the long time preferred local brand in the French West Indies, a diverse territory including French Guyana and the islands of Guadeloupe and Martinique. With the arrival of a fourth player on the market, this market is bound to go through the same disruption as mainland France.

triPica provides us with a turnkey digital BSS platform. The key benefit for us was obviously the speed of implementation but triPica showed strong capabilities in going even faster, with great flexibility to take into account some key customizations needed.

Sébastien Aubé – Chief Operating Officer

Challenge: Reduce the time to market
To anticipate, Digicel decided to launch their own disruptive second brand : aggressively priced, fully digital, to stay lean and keep costs low. The challenge was to invent a new model in a market dominated by traditional physical distribution.

triPica helped launch Wizzee, Digicel’s digital brand working fully remote from France. The platform, deployed on AWS (Amazon Web Service) in Ireland, was live in less than 5 months. 
This commando operation was possible thanks to triPica’s SaaS model that minimized impact on Digicel legacy stack but also through the active collaboration of Digicel IT team who set up a clean API gateway in record time to further simplify integration.
For the Customer Support team, triPica rolled out its advanced Agent Tool, a CRM module, integrated with Zendesk, that offers a amazingly simple 360° view of the customer, helping reduce the cost to serve.

The response from the market to Wizzee’s introduction in January 2020 has been impressive. The customer base is growing at twice the rate of the most optimistic prediction. Customers love the simple tarif plan, no fuss proposition that gives full freedom to the customer and embraces the digital lifestyle thanks to the comprehensive and simple mobile app.