Reimagine Utility Billing System To Stand Out In The Marketplace

Karla Tecanhuey
August 1, 2022
triPica helps energy suppliers reinvent their model through an Utility Billing System centered on the customer

triPica is the perfect option for utility companies looking to differentiate themselves by offering a better customer experience while reducing costs with a fully automated billing platform.

As the only cloud-native “grid-to-cash” software on the market, triPica brings the ability to:

  • Reduce operational costs with fully automated market communication with the DSO grid.
  • Reduce the cost-to-serve thanks to a powerful agent tool and front-end SDK.
  • Leverage smart meters to handle dynamic pricing thanks to our real-time micro-service architected platform.
  • Manage bad debt with an advanced dunning process and scoring KPIs.

How triPica is helping energy suppliers

triPica helped enercity, an energy provider from Hannover to disrupt the market, providing innovative offers through a completely new digital utility billing system, enercity also trusted us with the migration of their hundreds of thousands of customers to triPica

With triPica energy suppliers can achieve outstanding performances:

  • Decrease by -50% their cost-to-acquire while the acquisition rate increases!
  • Decrease by -67% their churn rate, getting a higher customer loyalty.
  • Reducing by -60% their cost-to-serve, gaining greater profitability.

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Karla Tecanhuey

Marketing at triPica