Enercity is a traditional German utility “Stadtwerke” providing power, gas and water to 700 000 people in its home region around Hannover. The company decided to disrupt the market in 2016, offering innovative offers as well as a brand new digital customer experience.

During the last 3 years enercity has been working with triPica to build a completely new digital sales platform. triPica is renowned for quality of their products, a high technical competence and a distinctive customer orientation. The triPica platform proved to be practical, stable and reliable every single day.
Today, enercity is one of the market leaders in the German energy retail business. With the help of triPica, enercity attained the goal to have the most comfortable digital sales capabilities in comparison with the competition.

Mandy Schwerendt / Chief Sales Officer


• On a highly fragmented and scarcely digitalized market, enercity choose triPica to launch a national digital attacker, then decided to substitute SAP with triPica on its core original client footprint.

• Invent innovative customer experience

• While maintaining back office (especially accounting) high standards, derived from SAP

• Migrate in less than 2 years the complete customer base from SAP to triPica platform

The Methodology

2017 was the birth of the digital attacker project. During the year, triPica delivered a full digital utility supplier, built from scratch with a special focus on the digital experience growing enercity’s market footprint to the entire Germany. The platform, deployed on AWS (Amazon Web Service) in Germany, was live in less than 9 months.


Enercity can now easily launch new services such as non-commodity services (sales of solar panels launched in 2020). And they are looking forward to the introduction of smart meters as soon as the German market is ready for that.

Convinced by the potential of triPica, enercity launched a newCo dedicated to the sales of the platform across DACH market.

In late 2020, we migrated more than a half of Enercity’s customer base from SAP ISU to triPica cloud-native platform.

The results are outstanding:



Your customer acquisition costs decrease while the acquisition rate increases


Churn rate

Less churn, higher customer loyalty thanks to excellent service tools.



Greater profitability through cross-channel and efficient real-time communication
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