ERP Platform

Disruptive Energy ERP for utility suppliers

Reinvent your business model, respond to the disruptive market and transform the customer’s experience with triPica.

Quote by Tripica
Today, enercity is one of the market leaders in the German energy retail business. With the help of triPica, enercity attained the goal to have the most comfortable digital sales capabilities in comparison with the competition.

Mandy Schwerendt
Chief Sales Officer at Enercity
ERP Platform

Disruptive ERP platform for energy suppliers

Reinvent your business model, disrupt the market and transform the customer’s experience with triPica.

Diagram of triPica’s ERP platform for energy suppliers.

Our cloud-native ERP platform enables to:

...and put the customer experience at the heart of the service.

Value propositions
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Slow to make the shift to digital?

Migrate your customer data from any utilities legacy system to a new, integrated digital solution today. With triPica, digital transformation is fast and easy.  

You can:

  • Combine multiple, fragmented solutions into one real-time platform
  • Engage more easily using more relevant data with your customers
  • Optimise and streamline customer-agent interactions
  • Offer dynamic pricing and dynamic invoicing

Our ERP platform for utilities is flexible and can be connected to any grid in the world. This makes implementation faster and speeds up your digital transformation. Furthermore, triPica has already successfully connected to the grid in Germany and France, enabling new implementations in these two countries to be even faster and covering legacy customers and contracts migration from different information systems such as SAP ISU.

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Man drinking coffee checking his utility bill from his phone.

Not enough control over energy usage?

Give your customers full control over their energy usage with smart offers, leveraging smart meters and smart charging. triPica provides the usage transparency that the customers today demand.


  • Customers only pay for the energy they use – no more bill shocks
  • Empower customers to make informed decisions through access to smart meter data and the related cost of energy
  • Provide real-time visibility for agents and customers
  • Smart radars functionality gives dynamic segmentation of your customer and their consumption

Our agent tool allows the utilities agent to respond to customer needs in real-time and have real-time visibility on their contract and consumption. Giving transparency to the consumption and related energy cost reduces consumption peaks. It helps your customer to avoid consuming too much energy or paying too much for it – and having to pay the bill.

triPica's real-time platform connects to any grid, so it can be a solution that works within your local environment.

Girl having an eco-friendly behavior - green energy ERP platform.

Need a digital solution for green energy?

We provide bespoke SaaS solutions enabling any green energy suppliers or traditional providers to adopt easily to new industry trends. Monetise the eco-friendly market opportunities while ensuring cost-effectiveness and scalability with triPica.

With triPica you can:  

  • Integrate seamlessly with a partner solution marketplace to bill solar panel installations & subscriptions
  • Promote eco-friendly behaviour among customers through knowing what energy they have consumed from the grid and auto-consumed – when you empower customers, you keep them happy
  • Easily manage auto-consumption, track production, and send back to the grid
  • Provide real-time reports and notifications on device consumption and peer comparison

triPica functionality promotes auto-production features, therefore paving the way towards switch to renewable energy. And all this while you maximise your returns through our easily scalable solution, growing your customer base from thousands to millions.